Excellence in service delivery

The landscape of communications and the internet keeps evolving and now, more than ever before, Africa is on the cusp of a major evolutionary wave. Changes in the regulatory environment have started to improve the provisioning of telephony services and competitiveness. Availability of bandwidth is set to increase dramatically with the arrival of submarine cables and terrestrial fibre optic networks. Mobility, new applications and Web 2.0 technologies will encourage new ways of living, collaborating and working. Things are set to change, and for the better. To thrive and excel in today's business environment, you have to be able to focus on your core business. 

These transformations are opening up a world of unlimited possibilities. XCOM, a new-age telecommunications company, believes that an uninhibited mind set and vision will shape the world and open the door to a wealth of opportunities. Having pioneered the use of “disruptive technologies” in the telecommunications environment over the past 10 years, XCOM has made its mark as an innovative thought leader in the local telecommunications scene.   

Xcom designs and implements custom ICT solutions for all industries, national telecoms, local governments, mining industries, gated communities, residential and corporate developments, farms and game parks.